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Birr Machines Ltd is a service provider for electrical machines from 50 kW up to 35 MW. Among many others, we service the range of machines that has been manufactured by ABB (formerly BBC) for 55 years and is installed world-wide.

Replica motors are exact copies of existing motors, most of them still in operation, which represents an important business field.

Birr Machines Ltd offers excellent service in this field, for electrical motors and auxiliary equipment. We are known for the manufacturing of special machines, spare parts and demanding revisions and repairs all over the world.

„With its excellent service quality, Birr Machines Ltd creates the highest availability of electrical machines operated in the industry.“

  • Service

    Life cycle service, design & construction, spare parts production, winding & bandaging, Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, balancing, mounting and dismounting, painting, testing

  • Spare parts distribution

    Distribution of (small) spare parts for ABB and external customers

  • Replica motors

    Manufacture of complete motors and large spare parts (stators, rotors)

Swiss made

Our demand on quality is high. The production location in Switzerland guarantees Swiss quality to our customers. They benefit from punctuality, accuracy and sustainability.

Customer success

Our work is focused on the long-term success of our customers, who benefit from our expertise all over the world. All revision and production processes are carried out with the highest precision and proven work instructions.


Tradition, experience and innovation accompany us on the road to success. Our staff at Birr Machines excel both in their jobs and in motivation. Our work environment promotes the passion for our work.

Detailed information

The production era for electrical machines in Switzerland began in 1891,
when BBC (Brown Boveri & Cie) was founded. In 1963, the motor factory, which had grown over time, moved to Birr. In Birr, the scope of delivery covered a wide range of different electrical medium-voltage machines:

  • Synchronous & asynchronous AC motors and generators
  • DC motors
  • Slip ring rotors
  • Brushless DC and AC excitation systems

Our Company


New company formation

In 1988 ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) was founded as a result of the merger between the Swiss company BBC and the Swedish Asea Group. This new group comprised various motor factories in Switzerland, France, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Italy.

Closing down of locations

The production locations in Germany and France were closed soon after, and the existing product range was distributed to the remaining locations. In 2002, the production location in Birr, Switzerland, where new serial motors were produced, was closed.

All sources of supply

The electric motor service, however, remained in Birr, encompassing a wide range of service offers from the reconstruction of existing motors to the design of new special machines.

2012 – Relocation

ABB’s sale of its power plant sector to Alstom also affected the factory in Birr. This was not a long-term solution, and in 2012, the former motor factory moved into the newly built premises in Kleindöttingen.

Location – Kleindöttingen

The factory in Kleindöttingen covers a surface area of 6000 m2 and was fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and systems in 2012.

State-of-the-art technology and systems

This includes, among others, a modern, stand-alone electric motor test bay, a rotor balancing plant, a large Vacuum Pressure Impregnation system, three burnout and drying chambers, a cleaning and spraying plant, winding and punching machines as well as additional infrastructure.

2018 Transition from ABB Switzerland to Birr Machines Ltd.
The newly founded company Birr Machines Ltd. under the leadership of experienced former ABB engineers and drive specialists took over the motor & service factory in Kleindöttingen.
At the center of the new company are our customers, whom we support with passion and competence.

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