Product Portfolio


  • Life cycle service (overhaul, repair and rewinding)
  • Design and technology, upgrade studies
  • Testing (including factory acceptance testing), certification of motors
  • Inspection and diagnosis on site, commissioning

Spare parts

  • Standard spare parts
  • Project-specific spare parts
  • Capital spare parts: stators, rotors, coils, collectors etc.
  • Spare parts according to the latest certification requirements

Replacement machines

  • Replica machines: manufacture of identical drop-in replacement machines with the lowest risk and shortest downtimes.
  • Replacement machines: replacement of third-party products; adapted to the existing interfaces
  • Machines adapted to the customers’ requirements

Birr Machines

  • New designed motors and generators (electrical and mechanical new design).
  • High-speed motors for LNG applications (up to 6400 rpm and 30 MW)
  • New designed motors with low starting current (double cage rotors)

Standard motors

  • Supply of high-quality standard motors
  • Complete service for third-party motors
  • Adaptation of motors (third-party suppliers) (including: reverse engineering of the main components)
  • System testing of motors and controls (combined stress tests)

Hydro and turbo exciters

  • Brushless three-phase exciters with rotating diode bridge for the excitation of synchronous generators (replacement of the existing direct current excitation)
  • Manufacturing of brushless exciters for turbo generators (3000 and 3600 rpm)

Benefit from our consulting expertise

All areas are fulfilled by our consulting expertise to achieve the desired requirements in the best possible way

Customised electric motor solutions

Motor solutions

Typ and application
MotorMotor TypApplication
3-phasen AC MotorInduction squirrel cage rotor
Induction-wound rotor
Synchronous motors
Pumps, compressors, fans, mixers, extruders, granulators, conveyor belts, mills, mine lifts, crushers, drives etc. for all industries
3-phasen AC GeneratorGenerators and AC excitation motorsEnergy and renewable energy
DC MotorsDC exciters
DC motors
Energy, metals, cement, minerals & mining
AC commutator motors1-phase and 3-phaseTrains, electric drive systems
Special motorsInduction motors and synchronous motorsHigh-performance, high-speed

Fulfilling requirements

  • Birr Machines provides customised electrical motor solutions.
  • This includes replicas, individual upgrades in various industries (chemical industry, oil & gas, water, energy, metals, cement, minerals & mining) world-wide.
  • Competence in engineering and commissioning.
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