For hydropower generators

  • Brushless excitation systems for hydropower generators and synchronous motors
  • External rotor diameter 330 to 1900 mm
  • Power range 3-400 kW DC, speed range
    70-1800 rpm

For turbo generators

  • Reconstruction, repair and modernisation of all types and brands
  • Complete reconstruction / replica of exciters of the entire BBC turbo generator range
  • Reverse Engineering of third-party excitation systems

Wide range of options

Excitation Systems

Vertical application

  • Power station Neu Wernisberg
  • 3 hydrogenerators
  • Reconstruction to brushless excitation

Horizontal application

  • Brushless exciter reconstruction with shaft feedthrough
  • External reconstruction to brushless excitation
  • Typ WE 58 (exciter rotor external Ø 580 mm )

Component manufacturing

  • Exciter rotor ready for installation
  • Type WE 68 (exciter rotor external diameter 680 mm)
  • Diode extension with electric busbars

For Hydropower generators

and turbogenerators


Performance Overview


Options such as slip rings, surge arrestors, exciter housings, induction-free starting resistance and segment stator are available, depending on the location-specific requirements.

Advantages of brushless excitation systems

  • No pollution

    The brushless excitation system does not create any carbon dust pollution.

  • Short downtimes

    The result reduces maintenance expenditure and shortens downtimes.

  • Lower costs

    Reduced costs for spare parts.

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