Large spare parts

Reconstruction & Special machines

Synchronous machines Type WMT+

  • 30 MW at 4900 rpm (WMT+ 71)
  • 20 MW at 5400 rpm (WMT+ 63)
  • 13 MW at 6400 rpm (WMT+ 56)
  • AC exciter
  • Special bearing arrangement for increased engine smoothness
  • Main application: petrochemical sector

Asynchronous machines Type uQWG+

  • 9 MW at 3000 rpm
  • 4 MW at 6400 rpm
  • 2-pole design with full exploitation over the entire speed range (subcritical)
  • Main applications: petrochemical sector, test bays.
  • Proven solution for gearless pumps and compressors

Replica of ABB machines

  • We rebuild ABB / BBC machines from the former machine factory in Birr, Switzerland.
  • We keep the complete original manufacturer’s documentation from the past 100 years in our archive.
  • Asynchronous machines
    (AMx, Q-series, S-series)
  • Synchronous machines (WM, WMT, uQWG).
  • DC machines (DMA, DMA+, DMB, GX).

Transport of the stator in the test bay for high-voltage testing.

Preparing the stator for rotor insertion.

preparing a vertical motor for bearing installation.

Portfolio overview



High-performance synchronous motors

The WMT and WMT+ model ranges are 2-pole synchronous motors with a performance up to 30 MW and 6400 rpm. Proven solution for brushless applications.

High-quality solutions with three-bearing design.
Low-maintenance, rotating brushless exciters and compact design
(including base plate).
More than 150 units have been delivered world-wide.

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