Customer-specific projects

Design & Engineering

Electrical calculation

  • Testing the electrical design.
  • Adaptation to new operating conditions.
  • Optimisation of the electromagnetic and thermal capacity (stator, cooler, rotor)

Mechanical calculation

  • Torsion and lateral vibration analysis of the shaft train (rotor dynamics)
  • Structural mechanics and modal analysis (FEM)
  • Vibration measurements


  • Design for speeds up to 7,200 rpm
  • Customer-specific motor dimensioning upon request
  • Customer-specific interface design

The customers’ requirements are implemented in an innovative, practical way.

Compliance with design guidelines.

Execution of concepts and projects.


Concept & implementation

Innovative and practical

Birr Machines implements the customers’ requirements in an innovative and practical way. All development phases are carried out in accordance with the design guidelines. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we develop individual assemblies. Projects are managed and executed until series maturity is achieved.

Automated test stations

Concept and construction of steel sheet, cast parts and moulded parts. We carry out preliminary projects and feasibility studies. Depending on the system concept, we prepare the development documentation. Automated test systems and test stations ensure a smooth completion.


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