Ensuring smoothness

dynamic balancing

Our state-of-the-art production techniques allow for an extremely accurate balancing quality and concentricity.

We ensure maximum smoothness. This leads to ideal results and minimal wear and tear.


  • Rotor length: max. 6 m
  • Rotor length: max. 2 m
  • Rotor weight: max. 15 tonnes
  • Number of turns: max. 3600 rpm (depending on the weight)


Balancing and vibration analysis

Potential damage

Most damage on rotating machines is caused by imbalance. This leads to premature wear and tear or failure of bearings, seals and couplings. Maintenance is therefore extremely important.


Rotors ready for installation are balanced completely. We provide a detailed balancing protocol which documents the results of this ISO-standardised test method.

Vibration analyses

Vibration analyses are part of the motor revision. We can carry them out on site. Total failure can be avoided; short-term interruptions can be planned, and a long service life of the machine can be ensured.

All this is possible!

Birr Machines employs methods to efficiently review machines. Interference suppression, fault clearance, reconstruction and modernisation are all equally possible within this scope. Perfectly harmonised services are combined in close co-operation with the customer in our maintenance and servicing management portfolio.

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