maintaining mechanical strength

Vacuum pressure impregnation

Impregnation is crucial for both mechanical and electrical strength. Different types of resin are used for the different impregnation methods.

To achieve optimum manufacturing results, we support you in the selection of methods and resins.

The VPI method ensures maximum availability of the machine.

  • In accordance with the Micadur Compact method: Epoxy category F (155°C)

    • Max. pressure vessel: 3.3 m in diameter / 6 m in length
    • Fully automatic process sequence
  • Veridur ® Silicon category C (200°C)

    • Max. 2 m in diameter
    • Applied with traction machines
    • Fully automated process including data acquisition
    • Gemodur® category H (180°C)
    • System parameters see Micadur Compact ®
  • Pyrolysis furnace

    • Modern control for exact temperature monitoring
    • Furnaces up to 6 m x 6 m object size
    • Burning out of the impregnation resin and insulation materials to remove the failed coil / winding from the available, re-usable layering
      (iron core of the rotor or stator)
  • Hall technology

    • Ventilation air exchange safety
    • 10 to 15 air changes per hour (volume of the entire hall)

In line with the highest quality standards

Production processes

First step: Preparation

First drying in the hot air furnace. Preparation of spots to be protected, e.g. with silicone grease.

Second step: Impregnation

During the vacuum phase, air pockets in the insulation material are minimised at 0.15 to 0.7 mbar. Afterwards, the impregnation resin is guided into the vessel. The impregnation takes place at a pressure of 1.3 to 6 bar and lasts several hours.

Third step: Finishing

The impregnated material is cured in the furnace at a constant temperature for several hours. Afterwards, threaded holes etc. are cleaned of resin.


Optimum manufacture processes result in maximum smoothness and minimise wear and tear.

Mounting and dismounting

All work stages necessary to overhaul an electric motor are carried out in our own premises.

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