Replacement of a DC motor from 1966 by a one to one replica

We replaced one of five DC motors by a one to one replacement for our customer, an aluminium factory.

The original motors were manufactured 1966 and have been running under high demanding heavy load conditions for more than 50 years.

The ideal option for replacing one of the motors (working as tandem serial groups) was to rebuild an exact replica motor matching all electrical and mechanical characteristics. The particular design with a laminated housing is only one of the outstanding features that makes this motor rare in nowadays motor designs.

The motor testing was performed as type and black band test with 1500 Amp inrush current (test field capacity 1800 amp). The special type test required a special mechanical setup (cooled from underneath).

Motor characteristics:

  • Motor type: DC
  • Power: 330 kW
  • Rated current: 1170A
  • Nominal voltage: 310 V

See the motor being coupled full load tested: