The portfolio includes Birr Machines designed generators, replicas and brand-independent repairs.

We are specialists for the engineering and manufacturing of synchronous generators for nearly all existing application e.g.: power plants, diesel and gas engines, gas and steam turbines, hydro turbines, on- and offshore rigs, traction and auxiliary power applications for railroads, diesel and electric propulsion, shaft generators, auxiliary generators for marine applications.

Our generators department in Germany, Ingolstadt, is lead by Mr. Willi Vogtner, former general manager of Cummins Generator Technologies Germany GmbH and former generator manufacturer AVK, Germany. Focus with the experienced design team is on special designs of synchronous generators.

Generator arrangements

We build and maintain horizontal and vertical generators for any requirement.

Power Range

We supply generators with a power from 1500kVA to 50MVA and more on request. The voltage level is up to 15kV, the speeds is up to 3600 rpm.

Power Generation

Synchronous Generators for power generation in combination with diesel and gas engines as well as steam, gas and hydro turbines

Synchronous Generator Power Ranges

Our high-voltage generators:

  • Voltage range 1000 – 15’000 Volt
  • Output 1500 – >50000 kVA
  • Speed 250rpm
  • Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
  • Number of poles 2 – 24

Our low-voltage generators:

  • Voltage range 400 – 1000 V
  • Output 1500 – 6000 kVA
  • Speed 500 – 3600 rpm
  • Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
  • Number of poles 2 – 12

Benefit from our extensive experience with generators

Birr Machines AG combines the history and experience of BBC (Brown Bovery & Cie.), ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) and Birr Machines Germany.


CountryRating (kVA)Voltage (kV)Speed (rpm)Prime Mover
Belgium997710.51500Gas Turbine
Turkey11650111500Steam Turbine
Italy56006.31500Gas Turbine
Bosnia and Herzegovina44006.3750Hydro Turbine
Bosnia and Herzegovina17000.691000Hydro Turbine
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