Maximum safety

We provide safety by active prevention and fast response in the event of an emergency. Our goal is to maintain your electrical machines’ productivity throughout their entire life cycle.

Continued operability

We offer our customers a comprehensive service program, safeguarding the operability of their electrical machines.


From installation and commissioning to maintenance, safety checks and overhaul up to enhancement and optimisation.

Focusing on life cycle phases

Life Cycle Service

Service infrastructure

Under the heading of “Life Cycle Services”, Birr Machines bundles all activities during an electrical machine’s service life: from spare parts management to inspections and maintenance to modernisation.

  • We offer a comprehensive, diversified service infrastructure. Our expertly trained staff will provide you with professional services.
  • Optimum service and individual consulting – we offer customised solutions for your company.


Your Electrical Machines are in the best hands

Short revision times

Stepping into the future with us

  • Experience

    In Birr Machines, you have an experienced partner with long-standing expertise.

  • Short response times

    Our work is both customer and solution orientated as well as on time.

  • Your advantage

    You benefit from seamless, quick execution and short downtimes.

Diagnosis and measurement

  • Winding diagnosis to test the insulation life expectancy = stator winding diagnosis
  • TE, Tan δ, AC / DC test up to 33 kV
  • DLI real-time vibration analysis on running motors on site and in our test bay
  • Coil test ( iron core magnetisation )
  • Surge voltage testing on individual coils and complete windings

Cleaning and drying

  • Different lifting tables for ideal work heights
  • Cleaning in the washing facility or with CO₂ technology
  • Vacuum drying furnace after wet cleaning
  • Processing facilities with diamond tools, for commutators
  • Balancing machine and overspeed test
  • Commutator insulation miller
  • Lathes for rotor processing
  • Cleaning of all motor parts and windings in an automated, environmentally friendly washing system
  • Vacuum drying of all parts in a special vacuum furnace
  • Option of cleaning the windings with CO₂ technology ( dry ice )

Customised for your applications

Life Cycle Management Concept


Our complete Service Portfolio

Installation and commissioning

Our expertise for reliable commissioning, failure analysis and troubleshooting is at your disposal, both world-wide and on site.


Our customer training ensures that your employees will have the necessary know-how.

Spare parts

All spare parts for motors and generators.


Our proactive maintenance service ensures the continuous operation of your production facilities.


Comprehensive electrical and mechanical repairs.

Advanced services

We support you in optimising costs and performance throughout the entire life cycle of your production resources.

Upgrades and retrofits

Improve your motors with state-of-the-art technology. We offer customised solutions.


Replacing older motors or components can improve performance and reduce costs significantly.

Service agreement

The most efficient way of monitoring the entire life cycle of your motors.

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